This is an example of a focal seizure in a 2-day-old infant. Notice that it affects only the left side of the body, and that the baby is breathing well, experiences no discoloration, loss of consciousness or apparent discomfort. We video taped it to show the ER doctors so that they would know she wasn’t just having normal baby neurological weirdness. This particular seizure lasted about 2 minutes. This is one of three she had that day and is mild in comparison the the third one that we did not catch one tape. She has not had any definitive seizures since, but has had some “suspicious” activity. See comments for updates on her condition. For those unfamiliar with seizures, you cannot stop them, you can only gently hold the person suffering the convulsion and take care that they do not hurt themselves. We hope this video will help others know what this type of seizure looks like. Our local children’s hospital uses it to train their staff. To see how Violet is doing at 6 months, see our other video. She is doing great! Update: At 10 months old (January of 2008), Violet is doing very well. She has had no other seizures since the ones she had her first few days of life. She is coming off of her medication. Most likely she will never have another seizure. Developmentally she is right on track and even getting ready to walk a little early! Update: At a year and a half (October of 2008) Violet is indeed walking, talking, singing, dancing, jumping and making her older sibling

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